I survived. So can you – Kisah Joan Snow

I’ve lived with depression for 3 years, only to be clinically diagnosed after 2 years living with it unknowlingly. It happened when I started my university years and at the early stage of that dark phase, I thought I was sad because I didn’t make it to med school and I was trying my best to like a different branch of science.

A transition from Biology to Physics. I turned to a counselor provided by the university once, the counselor said that I was stress. I knew that but, I felt there were something darker than that. I’ve coped everyday just to survive the classes, assignments, projects and even self-care. Everyday was grey, literally. I smiled all the time but, deep down, I was drowning. I thought I was stressed and I kept going anyway. My CGPA was slipping. I was on a scholarship and when they found out I failed to keep my grades up, they cut my allowances. It was another blow for me since I worked hard for the scholarship to ease my parents’ financial burden.

It was very dark place I was in. I didn’t tell my family about what I’m going through because I didn’t want them to worry, although the letter reached my parents. I had several breakdowns per week. My breakdowns include crying uncontrollably without any trigger, feeling gloomy all the time and worst of all, I couldn’t function to do daily tasks. I stayed in my bed a lot and it was a huge effort to even have a shower. I felt like I was slipping away. Doing tasks from day to day, was like just time passing by without yourself in it; your body was doing the work, your mind was on something else, you were soulless. I couldn’t feel anything and everything just withered. Everything was blank and dull. I also realized I was binge-eating and sometimes, I didn’t eat at all. I tried hard on my assignments and exams. Worst thing was, I had trouble remembering facts despite I studied and I had a hard time focusing.

I didn’t realize I was getting worse until one day, I suddenly felt death was a peaceful option for me. At that time, I brushed off the thoughts and acknowledge that everybody dies and if it’s your time, it’s your time. I was that pessimistic about life. The thought was just a thought until I was walking out from my lecturer’s room on 3rd floor and heading to the stairs. I don’t remember what I was doing but, I do remember asking myself, “What happens if I jump?”, while looking down to the ground floor from the 3rd floor stairs. It didn’t scare me but, it seemed to be a something that I can do. I snapped out of and continued going down to class. I reminded myself “Don’t be stupid, you wouldn’t want God to reject you, would you?

Think of all the effort you’ve done to get here today” – that was my motivation to not do what I was thinking. It was the thin fine line that held me back from doing it. After all this realization, I changed bit by bit – I read health articles about my condition. That was when I know I have depression. I told my sibling about it, she told me, “Everyone can be in depressed state but, to actually know you have one (clinically depressed), get a diagnosis”.

Going to the psyche ward was a taboo and I was guilty at charge of the stigma, I had those. To avoid going there, I worked out, tried to eat well and beat that lethargy feeling. I thought I was doing well for a week until I had another breakdown. But I praised myself as my effort was working because my breakdown intervals were getting longer. From few days to a week. I thought I can beat this until I got beat down again by external factors. The thought of death was becoming more comforting.

Honestly, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to seek help from the professional. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I was prescribed with Luvox and the dosage increased within 4 months due to I wasn’t getting any better, my anxiety got worse. I visited campus clinic and private clinic frequently – just to make sure I’m okay. I once went to the hospital (at 3am) due to diffuculty of breathing. My test results; X-Ray, blood test, ECG – all normal. I was embarassed, honestly, because I thought I was going to suffocate (my heart was going to stop beating, all sorts of ideas), it was debilitating.

But the nurses were understanding of my condition. I was registered for work therapy, counselling sessions, and had monthly appointment with the psychiatrist. My grades were low but, I didn’t care anymore. I wanted to get better. I skipped classes to go to therapy and I only informed my supervisor and few close friends about my condition, so that they know why I was always absent in class. But little do I know, I was becoming comfortable with the drugs. Again, I was slipping away but, this time, being too comfortable with the drugs. I didn’t realize it until my mom asked me to get sober. I was reluctant at first, argued that it was my ticket to get better. But what made me thinking was, she said she felt like she was losing me. I felt that too. I decided to cut cold-turkey (abruptly stop the prescription) in which I know it is not recommended. But I’d rather deal with the withdrawal symptoms than losing myself.

I began detoxing and started being a vegan/vegetarian. It was a bit scary when dealing with the withdrawal symptoms but, I kept going because I still want to be around with my family. I don’t want to be the reason behind their tears and I don’t to be the one who left their hearts broken. I’m lucky because I have a family that supports me but, what about those who don’t?

Depression is not something you can turn a blind eye on and it’s hard for those who experience it because it’s invisible. I hate the stigma, honestly. Just because it’s invisible doesn’t mean it’s not there, just like oxygen. I was once asked, “Why are you depressed? You have God.”. I replied internally, “You think I want this?”, but I remained silent and hoped she never experience what I’ve been through. Sometimes, we just got there. Sometimes, we don’t know how and why. And that is okay. I hope everyone out there, battling the invisible monster(s), I hope you guys win.

Hang on, don’t call it quits yet. It’s true about a saying; if you commit suicide, you don’t take the pain away, you just transferred it to someone else. So don’t put that rope around your neck yet. I know you feel lonely, helpless, drowning inside and nobody seem to care, but I’m a living proof that you can live this out too. Care about yourself, you’re not useless, you’re just a learner. Every master was once a beginner. Believe in yourself. Keep fighting. Keep yourself a goal; leave a legacy, not a tragedy. Thanks for reading.

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